Fish Balls.

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For the many years that i've lived in the Philippines , never had i taken the initiative to try this very popular street food. Had come across it many times , was always curious , but i guess not curious enough.

So thankful to my ladies, they initiated me into the filipino street food venture , and finally, i got to experience the thrill of the fish balls.

After deep frying the balls, they put them in bbq stick and you have to dip in some sort of sauce then eat it.
I believe there are quite other ways of enjoying this , i am not quite sure.

They were fresh, and warm, had a bit of fishy taste and the sauce added savory to it. it was a very treat for pennies, literally.

There goes, i and the ladies all smiles after our first bite into the fish balls.

This was right at the entrac of the Magpupungko tiday pools in Surigao

Restaurant Information

magpupungko street vendor.
Pilar, Surigao del Norte, Philippines

Fish Balls.
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