Food meets Art.

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This is your typical Hole in the wall, and you already know what these do best, rigth? They have the tastiest meals, and give you that homely feel as though the meal was prepapred by your mama or grandmama.Even greater thing about this hole in the wall is that the meals are evry pocket freindly. so i would highly recommend it to anyone who is in the mood for pocket friendly filipino food. away from the busy and bustling noisy and dusty streets of Cebu city.
it is kind of a hidden place so one must really know where they are going if they want to visit this place.
Here , have a look at their menu.


The fact the its a dark and hidden little hole in the wall, it also gives you that homey and very peacefull vibe. (Their great food compliments this)
There are beautiful paintings for sale on the wall, a true and authentic way to Showcase Filipino talents and support the lcoal artist. For this, i give them a great plus.



The roast beef with rice, bread, and mashed potatoes was my absolute fave, this for sure will be my to go too meak from their menu.


was here with a couple of friends and we all just sent gaga on choosing our meals. We had quite a decent selection of varieties to safely conclude that their food is great. each and every one of us enjoyed our meal.


This little place has good internet speed and charging outlets ,hence making it easy for students and mobile workers to chill, study or just lounge away.
Accordinf to my understanding , they are open for small events such as birthday dinners, and can also cater for special orders outside their menu per customers request.

As always, its been my absolute pleasure providing you with this review. i shall be back again soon with another.

Untill then, have a great one.

Restaurant Information

181K Elizabeth Pond St, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Food meets Art.
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The art work must be so nice to dine together with (:


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