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This was my latest try out venture into the restaurant and food world, with fasting in mind for the next day, I was in the mood to feast.
My friend suggested this place for their great lechon, after all its named after it, but settling down and scavenging through the menu, Lechon seemed to be the least likely option that our taste buds were in the mood for.
Also it was just post weekend and a lot of binging on unhealthy Yummy food and drinking habits had happened, all we wanted was something soulfully soothing, and a heartly filipino soup was what came to mind first, before anything else.
Before I continue, I must say that filipinos have the best soups there is.
From the variety I have had the previldege to taste so far, their soups never disappoint, whether it be a clear soup with vegetables or a hearty monggos bowl, all are just great for the soul.

The irony however was that this time, we purposely went back there to give the staff of this restaurant some sort of a chance to redeem them selves and their customer service as my friend had just had an unpleasant experience with their customer service.. someting to do with rudeness and just unpleasant reception by some of the male staff.

Contrary to the negative earlier expereince, this time the female waitresses put on their Boy hats and saved the sinking boat. They were pleasantly charming, welcoming and accomodating. We were blesssed to be served by the Lovely and very polite Luna.

Rico's Lechon restaurant menu is huge with lots of filipino foods variety. Because our minds were already bent on the soup, the Sinigang na Lechon was what we settled for. there was definitely no regrets with this bowl of soup.


Served hot, this soupd is exactly what one needs to replenish lost energy or cure a hangover. Rich in varieity of vegetables, flavourful broth with a bit of tangyness to it and big chunks of meat. On my personal serving, i added some "silli"- chilli and it was all a party in my taste buds and tummy. it was simply great and yep, you bet right. we finished every last drop on that bowl. there were no surviving vegetables of chunks of the piggy either.

My curios self ,led me to select the eggplant salad with egg.


With my previous Eggplant expereince, i had expectations for this dish, which was very wrong of me as i should always have an open mind and have no expectations, you know.. POTATO-POTAHTO.
Regardless of my failed expcations, this was woth the exploration.. interesting concept right> eggs on eggplant.. hehe, atleast thats what i thought.
Me being my self, i had to disect the meal, deducing and evaluating everything that went on with it. The egg on its own was very salty, and overpowering. i dont knnow what technique they used but it seemed like a cured boiled egg to me.
but with the mix of every bit that was served on that plate and few drops of the tangy dressing, the saltiness of the egg balanced out evenly and tastefully, my friend said it was still very salty... i disagree, i think he is the who is Salty.. lol.
Jokes aside... It was a worthy try. and like the soup above, we devoured each and every bit of the soup above.

The trio fried rice, or something close to that was our choce of Carb.
Loved the serving traditional presentation of the rice , and above all, loved the rice. It was very fishy... hahaha , do people use that term to actually describe food? i dont know.
But it was infact fishy, according to the menu, it had atleast three types of fish incorportated to it and it was always highly recoomened by our awesome waitress Luna. Way to go Luna as this was a great choice, and yet every bit of rice grain on that bowl went down our digestive systems.
All the Three dishes , with Lunas awesome service made this a pleasarable expereince. Worth the chance to redeem themselves, right?

Dessert Time!!!
After such a great food expereince, it was in our right to think the desserts will be as great.
Nothing else captured our tastention than the famout filipino glutineous sticky rice dessert. It tastes even better when mixed with mango and we thought the option that had chocolate as an additional top up was woth the try, even though it costed a little bit more than the one without the chocolate.

It looked great and we were so excited to dig in, especialy on the chocolate topping, which turned out to be a watered down Milo powder Beverage mix. If this is not accurate, atleast that is what it tasted like, which is far from CHOCOLATE. maybe they should be honest on the menu about this because real chcocolate lovers will definitely know. So that was a great dissapointment, and we therefore ended up enjoying out sticky rice without the "chocolte", it tasted much more better that way. The sticky rice and the mango tasted great on its own.

This restaurant seems to be poplualar ampng many. I noticed this bev=cause my friend and i talk alot, and this made us stay in the restaurant for like 4 hrs. and in those hours, we saw a great number of people go In and Out of the restaurant during the dining hours. This was prrof enough.
I definitely will recommend any filipino food lover to give this restaurant a try..

Our total bill for the 2 dishes, the salad and dessert was about p1,050. Which is not bad at all for two people, considering the amount of food we had.

I am a self proclaimed foodie and I give honest and non biased restaunt and food reviews.

Untill next time,
its been a pleasure having you pass by.


Restaurant Information

Rico's Lechon
N Escario St, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

The Piggy place
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