We Travelled 21km up hill for a good Cup of Hot Chocolate

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How far and High are you willing to travel for a great cuppa coffee ?
In our case it was 21km up the Hill, and about 4+ kilometers from home, making it a total of almost 26 km, just for coffee and the view, i live for these moments.

Instead of coffee, my friend and i opted for hot chocolate,

with this spectacular view, we decided to order for a Burger and waffle ice cream because we wanted to keep enjoying the view and their food was pocket friendly.


While enjoying the sunset Hue and cool mountain breeze, i could not resist to take more shots. (who would, with this view?)

About the Coffee Shop.

It's very small in size. i think maximum of 15 -20 people can fill this space to the brim at one go.
Every body kind of targets the place with the spectactular view, so its kind of a luck thing to get the spot, and the worst days to go there, yep! You guessed it, the weekends and i bet the holidays too.
we went there on a weekend around 4pm, just in time for the sunset, it was very full and we were kind of lucky to get a spot as the couple that was there were just leaving when we arrived.



**How to get to 21km coffee from Cebu City **
If you have personal means of transport, then the coffee shop is exactly 21km from Jcentre to Balamban take off point.

if you don't have, you can choose to Get a motorbike from jcentre or a Vhire from Ayala heading to Balamban for only p120, we opted for the Vhire option, and because our driver didn't know where the coffee shop was, we were on the look out for the signboard and hailed for a stop when we saw it, its on the left side.

If you have no private means of transport, its good to leave before it gets dark . There's also no guarantee you will get a Vhire coming from Balamban that's not full already, also there's no guarantee of getting a motor bike as there's none just waiting around, unless you hire one.
We left when it was dark already, we waited a while, but got lucky and hitched a ride with a young couple, that was a super save!

Here's the current menu and prices.

You can see that the menu is very affordable, and for the long journey uphill, this and the blissful view makes it all worth it.

_cheers to the simple pleasures of life _

Thanks for tuning in, see you next time.

Restaurant Information

21 Kilometers Coffee
Cantipla 1, Tabunan, Cebu City, Cebu Transcentral Hwy, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

We Travelled 21km up hill for a good Cup of Hot Chocolate
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I would also travel this long for such a place with this beautiful view :) We actually have many places like this in Switzerland and we often go there especially on weekends as it's quite far away from where we live. I love mountains and I live for them so these places are the best for me.

You took some very nice photos :) Thank you for sharing!


Thank you. A client i met with yesterday told Me how beautiful Switzerland is, i definitely must make a landing there in future.

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Jess, this is amazing. I bet there is not much seats and hard to find the spot next to the windows.
I really love it and bookmarked you guide.


Thank you for your feedback, it really was a matter of luck getting the spot, and you are right, very few seats. Many people where infact standing when we got there.

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That's a treat worth the hike.


It most definitely was.

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Great post! Kudos. I love how you express in this review! Bookmarked! ❤️


Thank you, so much for the feedback and bookmark.

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Wow~ the view is magical!
I visited Cebu 4 years ago, wish I had known this place at that time!
Thanks for sharing, I will definitely visit if I go again :)

It looks like a painting! So beautiful!!

Wow that looks like an amazing place to enjoy a good cup of hot chocolate! Really nice lookin' menu and you can't beat the view!

Wow, the sacrifice to get a cup of coffee haha. It must have been a great experience going there. Thanks for sharing this with us

It seems like nice place!

It sure looks worth it. 21km for a nice cup of coffee (or hot chocolate) and a million dollar view. Definitely my kind of place to hang out with friends or loved ones.


It really was worth the distance. Thanks alot for stopping by.

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