Happy in my Tummy.

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If you want a Chinese restaurant in Cebu that will give you a bang for your buck, then this is the place to go, No kidding, i mean it in all seriousness. Two times visited, twice the charm.

The two times i have visited this restaurant, same amazing experience, maybe more on the second visit. One thing that is very obvious is that its a Very family friendly restaurant, perfect for big groups and bonding time, over very delicious food. This is evident by the big round rotating tables at the restaurant, and the huge turn out of happy dinners.

The friends and i were on Feast mode, and feast beast mode we went on the menu.


i am sure my camera phone isn't doing this dish any justice but this was a platter of egg anf shrimps , fried toget with some vege toppings, this was the star dish of the night, it was soo soo soo good and everybody else agreed. It was soo good that in the near future, i'd want to copy this recipe and make it for my family.


This was our second set of shrimp Dish with brocolli and vegetales, a seemingly more healthier version than the yummy one i mentioned earlier, it was good never the less, but the star was still the shrimps and eggs fry.


we also got this fried dumplings and in my opinion, the next best thing, after the shrimps and eggs fry. Dipping these beauties in that special chilli sauce was orgasmic,

This i think was a chciken dish, but can hardly remember how it tasted like, i remeber eating most of the peppers.


another chicken Dish, this was amazingly delish as well, crisp and sweet and lemony kind of taste.

This was a shrimp platter, and our least favorite. Ofcourse it was delicious, but the shells were not removed drom the shrimps and being hungry and ready to eat, no one was in the patience mood of removing the shells. . i guess they can improve on this particular dish.

we had a fried rice dish as well and i left this place with a happy tummy and happy taste buds..

The prices are also very friendly. we barely broke the bank for a dinner meal of 4 adults and 2 kids. I definitely will be going back here whenever i have the chance too.
i think (not sure) they open for dinner starting 6pm only, and the fact that its a loved place, best to call in and make a reservation to make sure you dont sit outside , waiting for the next available table.

Due to the high Number of guests, and busy service, it is no shocker that there were also lapses on the water glasses and the service water its self.. the glasses seemed dirty and water was oily. My friend said she had an upset stomach from their water the previous time she visited. so we had to let go of our free service water and ordered for bottled water instead.

Ptherwise, everything else here is great. Enjoy the Ching Palace and its been my absolute pleasure sharing with you this review.


Restaurant Information

The Ching Palace
20 Salinas Dr, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Happy in my Tummy.
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