chicken wings, could never go wrong with this?

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So Cebu city is apparently the "Mecca" of chicken wings, i mean what do you expect with all the unlimited chicken wings outlets erecting in every corner every other day? well, its the good kind of development, that we, food lovers , LOVE. So its just about the right time to declare the Chicken wings war among all the competing outlets huh? Off to chicken wings venture we go, starting with this one. well, this wasnt the first to try out per say, but first in regards to the chicken wings war.

so they basically have 3 flavors of chicken wings, Honey Glazed, Parmesan & Buffalo. Ech flavour distinctively and respectively tasted like Too Sweet and Oily, Salty and Oily & Mildly Hot for the Buffalo.
The parmasan did it for me though, the Buffalo needed a little bit of heatt to kick the flavour and the honey seemed just too sweat, my honest opinion.

db803106-03f7-455c-bde3-e1dae6d1f8f0 (1).jpg

The price is great , more especially for the students because they get to have some sort of discount . But for the oiliness and their flavours, best assured that you will not go on very long with their rounds as you are most lieky to get fed up quick early on in the process. It kind of feels too much for one to take in. looking at it from a business perspective, i guess that could be their strategy, sellng you the idea of unlimited chicken wings , yet offering you a recipe that is almost impossible to consume in large quantity. they taste great at first but the taste becomes overpowering with each additional bite.
it would have also been great if they served unlimited rice with the unlimited wings, even if it were at an additonal price.

They also mentioned something about offering Offering cuisine, well being African my self and quite well versed with different types of Afican cusines, there is nothing African here. so maybe they should infact try and remove that tag line.

They also advertise as offering sould food, mmhhhh maybe, i don't know, doubt it. unless there is another definition of soul food but nothing on their menu suggested so to me.

one of their most recommened dish on the menu is their Korean ribs. According to him they were very tender and very delicious.

I havent tried, but one of my friends did, maybe i would go back just to try this and give an overall impression of the restaurant.

The servers were very nice and accomodating and service is fast.
Overall service was great and their comfort room is great for a quick selfie sesh with their overall industrial look. Overall ambiance is great as well.



Restaurant Information

Red Buffalo Soul Food Factory
Apas, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

chicken wings, could never go wrong with this?
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Very delicious, but such a small portion size!


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