In The mood for Indian Food.

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I have mixed feelings about this restaurant. Food is great, but service, not so much. This was my 3rd time to visit this restaurant from , and twice onsecutively as i was there the previous day then went back the second time. like i said, the food is great.
The previous day, i got their special Lamb Biryani, for take out. It was great but too little for the price, but that wasn't a concern , maybe because it was Take Out.
Went back next day, as i was really craving for more Indian food .
This time, opted for Chicken Tikka Masala , and Naan brea with butter, my friend opten for Roti, and for drinks, we requested for Lemon Mint Lassi and Some Hot Indian Tea.
the food was great, we ate with delight, loved everything and for this, i'd recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants to expereince great Indian Food in Cebu.



The unsatisfactory part for me was the staff and their service rendered, atleast to me for the two consecutive time si visited. The ladies serving here are blatantly rude and have no training to work in this kind of business, i doubt they had any training in Terms of waitress etiquette. I do not wish to bash or point out their misdeeds specifically but i strongly feel that emphasis shoukd be put in training them on customer sevice. Food may be great but customer service goes along way too.



But to each his own, , my expereince may not be the case with another

Restaurant Information

Taj Indian Restaurant.
City Time Square, Mantawe Ave, Tipolo, Mandaue City, 6014 Cebu, Philippines

In The mood for Indian Food.
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