A perfect place for weekend Dinner...

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Hello everyone

Today, I am going to write about another restaurant review.... Well, I have write about it few months back I guess but never I write a review of this restaurant. This is my go to restaurant and one of my favourite restaurant of all time.



The Name of the restaurant is "Magic Cup Coffee" (Менджик Кап Коффи), one of the well known restaurant which serves traditional foods as well as international cuisine. As they have large menu of different coffee and drinks, may be that's why they named this restaurant Magic cup coffee.



This is really large restaurant with adequate sitting area. Total area divided into 3 zones with three different concept. You can identify every zone by noticing furniture pattern, texture and color. Every zone has different texture and color patterns. Also table tops are match with furniture febric.

From my perspective, they have followed Turkish style architecture and interior. They also known as Moorish style, fashinable furniture and decorative design based on Middle Eastern style. Use of colors, bold pattern and texture always blow my mind.



As , I have already mentioned that they have huge collection of beverages and coffee so maximum people ordered their favourite beverages here. But they have also platter and dessert collection.


I have ordered this platter with BBQ chicken , beef, vegetables and different types and slices of fresh cheese. They also served different types of sauce and dressings. There were also fried potatos to complete this overall platter. I love this platter so much because it's tasty and delicious.

Beverages :



I have ordered avocado smoothie and Banana vanilla milkshake with kiwi. Avacado smoothie was really fresh made and as I love Banana so Banana and vanilla combo.... hmm nothing to say...It was so so delicious... They also served some marshmallow which make Banana milkshake so delicious.

Bonus, they also served some sweets which I think turkish sweet and biscuits... Hmm ,, I love every bonus things....I like their serving style, reminds me bowl or plate full of food... Their customer service is really good...




Last I have ordered dessert, which is called Panacotta... I never tried it before so it was new experience for me.. Upper layer was jelly type berry taste, and lower part is vanilla flavour... Honestly speaking, I was so full that's why may be I didn't enjoy their taste.. May be wrong choice of dessert that day..

My opinion :

Overall my experience was good because I love the environment , interior and their beverages and food. Environment is cozy and comfortable plus good place to spend time with family and friends. You can also spend your alone time there. Music choice was pretty good. Rating of the platter I am giving 8 out of 10, beverages 9 out of 10. Price of the overall menu is average. Good place for everyone... I can assure you , you can spend quality time there and won't regret.

I am @priyanarc..... An architect, a dreamer and a passionate writer who loves to write about life.I try to present my own perspective and experiences. Please leave your feedback and criticism because it's the only way i can know and reach your mind and thought easily...



Thank you so much....Thanks to @bdcommunity for always supporting me. Also i am thankful towards @welcomewagon for giving me the opportunity to develop myself and for generous support from all members...thank you @nathanmars for enormous support. Thank you @onelovedtube ...

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Restaurant Information

Magic Cup Coffee
Sumska St, 94, Kharkiv, Kharkivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 61000

A perfect place for weekend Dinner...
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Great review and love the details you put in your posts. Looking forward to your next one :)


Thank you for curation.. I am glad that you liked this review @travelgirl .

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@priyanarc, an excellent review! Thank you for sharing it with us! The interior of the restaurant is really very nice. The pictures are beautiful beautiful. The food looks to be very delicious.

But it seems to me to be an expensive place to visit.

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Hey @cryptospa , for coffee , beverage it's okay but for dessert it's expensive. Platter is for two people so it's worth it .. Actually their food is really good till now...

the restaurant looks very inviting. The food looks delicious too. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you @pippo84 for stopping by..


Thank you for entering our <Your weekly choice > Contest . Thanks to @priyanarc, Tasteem has become a more attractive guide. We upvote your post, wish you the best of luck in winning our Contest!


Thank you..

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That looked very nice @priyanarc, very inviting and the food looked good too.

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Ya really good foods.. @flaxz..

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Well, should I send you a parcel?? dear @prettynicevideo !! I am dam sure you will love these foods..

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I dont think it get here safely in fresh .... I'll have to visit one say... GOSH WOULDN'T THAT BE SOMETHING. PRETTY NICE VIDEO TRAVELS THE WORLD. OLOLOLOLLL

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That would be great.. Well, please come here.. I am sure you will like this place..

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Can I take the food... this looks very good😋😋 and did you eat all? It looks very lot. 😁


Nope I couldn't finish all.. 😁😁 @foxkoit ..

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:) ... So I can take all rest :)))

What a beautifully decorated space, @priyanarc! I love the chairs and the tables, they're very original and cute!

Thanks for sharing this review!


Yes, This restaurant is well decorated .. I always visit there because of their environment and for milkshake .. hahahaha... Thanks buddy for stopping by @trincowski...