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Hey everyone...

After long time I am going to write another food review. Recently I don't have time to go to different types of restaurants so no food review. But few days back I went to a restaurant called Vilka Food court , well I feel like it's food court with restaurant quality environment. So let's talk about it...



Environment :

Well, it's a big food court, I feel like that. Entire interior divided by 5 zones, general, coffee lounge, korean , dessert and bar and combining these 5 zones is called Vilka Food Court, I think You can imagine how big the entire space is. Now how can you define the zones??

First each zone has their own identity , interior is different. Furniture layout, color combination, lighting everything is different , infact coffee lounge , bar and sushi zone is entirely separated and payment system , order system is also different.


Ceiling design , wallpapers are also different plus also creative. Overall environment is playful, joy kind of festive environment and perfect place for kids.. Why?? Let me tell you....



Most interesting place for kids.. As you can see it's so colorful and perfect place for kids. They can enjoy there time here, make new friends and also there is a show arrangement for kids. Music show, doll show so that they can enjoy their time with other kids. But most chaotic place of this food court so far.. Hahaha...



Service :

This food court is self-service infact buffet system. You choose food and amount of food you are taking , then waiter will measure your food and will give you a token. Then you will go to cashier point with that token and pay bills. Different type of service for me to be honest...


You can see there are various kinds of foods, mostly Ukrainian food... Maximum food I don't know the proper name but you can find you desire variety of food there. Also if you want to taste Ukrainian food , this is the place...



Food :

As you can see , I have taken clear chicken soup with eaggs. I love clear chicken soup...Also I have took chicken dumplings which are so delicious... Some rice and mash potatos.. I also forgot to capture other food pictures... Poor me...



Vilka Roll :

This is sushi area where you can find different types of sushi , ramen and drinks.. I didn't taste their food so I have no idea about this zone....But interior looks quiet amazing and inviting...

Overall my experience was good, food was good and cheap also.. Just you need to select proper food for yourself otherwise may be you won't taste good food.... I love overall environment and good place to visit with family and frinds...

I am @priyanarc..... An architect, a dreamer and a passionate writer who loves to write about life.I try to present my own perspective and experiences. Please leave your feedback and criticism because it's the only way i can know and reach your mind and thought easily...

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Restaurant Information

Vilka Food court
Poltavskyi Shliakh St, 140, Kharkiv, Kharkivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 61000

Exploring new food || Vilka
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Whoa, the space so large, special and nice. I bet that the food so taste like beauty of the space!

Ya space is really very large and Ukrainian food.. Hmm, some of them are really delicious...


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Such a beautiful place.Wish to be here once.

Thanks brother for stopping by...

A beautiful and colorful place.
I am a father and a restaurant that has a children's play area is always a great restaurant.
I like your reviews and I always read them with pleasure.

Thank you so much @libertycrypto27 , so you always look for those places where you child can enjoy right???

Yes, if my daughter is having fun I enjoy it too :)

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thank you bro...

This place is so nice and have nice variety of foods. You have written a fantastic tasteem post. Great work sis.

Thanks brother... Ya Place is perfect for family get together... :)

It looks difficult to stop eating!


Looks a great choice! The food looks simple but delicious.

Thanks for sharing your review.

[Realityhubs Curator]

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Thanks dear for curation and for feedback...

The environment looks really cool, conducive and inviting. I feel this is a nice location for a family hangout since they have an area solely dedicated to kids.

I love the vibe I am feeling just by looking at the pictures.

We look forward to your next contribution.

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Absolutely, best place for family get together... Thank you so much for support and motivation...