A Simple Dinner Moment, Tasteem Review with Local Dishes

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Tonight, we are just make a dinner. Simple dinner with wife and daughter. We taste a fried chicken in this place in the night.


We visiting Mie Ayam Ceker D'Erte. This place serving a Chicken Noodles with Chicken Foot as a main menu. But, we try to eat some Fried chicken. Fried Chicken in this place is very crispy.


Architecture of this place is very simple with traditional view in the arround of farmland. Place is large enough. There is a representative parking area.


And for the price, fried chicken in this place offered only ten thousand rupiah. And for the rice is optional, only three thousand. So We can eat in this place and enjoy the local panoramic of village interior with only less than twenty thousand rupiah. I think that is relevant and recomended to anyone who looks for rest area. The Mie Ayam Ceker D'Erte is recomended place to be visited.

Restaurant Information

Mie Ayam Ceker D'Erte
Jalan Raya Purbayasa, Padamara, Kec. Padamara, Kabupaten Purbalingga, Jawa Tengah 53372, Indonesia

A Simple Dinner Moment, Tasteem Review with Local Dishes
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