The Most Delicious Cuisine in Aceh Restaurant

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The Most Delicious Cuisine in Aceh Restaurant

Good afternoon, on this menu I will share about, the most delicious dishes in Aceh, one of the uniqueness of this food is the use of plastic on the ingredients.

The use of this pliek will give a pleasant aroma and give a distinctive flavor to the broth. In addition, the ingredients used in Kli Pliek U are also a variety of vegetables that are very varied and full of flavor.

The content of vitamins and nutrients in the Pliek U Kuah ingredient is believed to increase the desire and immunity, so that it is good for health. Kuah Pliek U is made from main ingredients such as young jackfruit, young papaya, melinjo leaves, long beans, peanuts, melinjo fruit and pliek u.

In addition there are also some who add some ingredients such as bamboo shoots, papaya leaves, cassava leaves, small shrimp and others. As for the spices used usually consist of coriander, chili, onion, garlic, and other spices.

In the process of processing, the seasoning is mashed first. While materials that are hard textured such as melinjo fruit and peanuts must be boiled first until tender.

And it is usually available at all the cafes in Aceh, and following the Aceh specialties, thank you




Restaurant Information

Kuah Plik U
Laksana, Kuta Alam, Banda Aceh City, Aceh 24415, Indonesia

The Most Delicious Cuisine in Aceh Restaurant
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