Nguyen Bao Bakery "Bakery" - Thai Nguyen

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Hi everybody. Coming to my weekly selection. Today I and my friends will take you to a famous bakery next to the university of information technology and media.


A fairly large bakery with very interesting and delicious cakes. Help us not resist. It is a bakery located on Z115 Road. Especially located next to a university to the bakery is also widely advertised. With a variety of bread and flavor. They are loved by students.


There are many kinds of bakery including cakes and salads, wedding cake, birthday party. I have interesting photos from pastries, birthday cakes. Looks interesting I want to eat it right away.


There are also other small cakes such as cakes, croissants, baguettes ... They are made with many different materials. Rice, meat, vegetables ... to make a complete bread. They will have different flavors and different flavors, so the price of bread is different.


The bread is made differently. There are circles, there are ovals in different shapes to create the special and interesting of the restaurant.
Thank you for reading my article. Hopefully, the bakery will bring a lot of good things for you and a selection of delicious and quality breads.

Restaurant Information

Nguyen Bao Bakery
Tân Thịnh, Thái Nguyên, Thai Nguyen, Vietnam

Nguyen Bao Bakery "Bakery" - Thai Nguyen
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