Delicious Sate Matang

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A history of Sate Matang is actually very long. For the first hearing of it, might immediately suspect the word “matang” on sate matang is “cook”. But that is far off the mark.

The term “matang” on sate matang, the original refers to the name of the city sub-districts in Bireuen, who lined up as a funnel in which the food originated. The city district was named Matang Glumpang Two who entered in the territory of the district Peusangan.

Goat meat on Sate Matang is different with sate made from goat meat I've ever eaten. Sate matang, the meat is cut large. Before it burned, first diremdam in the spices. Perhaps this is the secret ingredients that make the meat of sate matang is soft and very easily squashed crushed by the teeth.

The other side of the delicious sate this is the curry soup a murky yellowish. Like gravy on Soto. Complete with slices of green onion that increasingly add a sense of savory.

Chili beans are milled, mixed with hot peppers. The texture of the mill chili was grainy, a little sour, it turns out serves to dampen the smell of smoke on skewers. If the tongue that does not like spicy, stay marinate sauce with sweet soy sauce.

Restaurant Information

Kota SATE mtg Glp II
Jl. Lintas Medan - Banda Aceh, Keude Matang Glp Dua, Matang Glp Dua, Kabupaten Bireuen, Aceh 24261, Indonesia

Delicious Sate Matang
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