[FOOD] Delicious Bakso Aroma

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For those of you that live in Jln. Medan-B. Aceh, precisely at the Sp. Kaye Jatoe, must have been not stranger to hear the name of the meatball shop on this one. It is not too far from the intersection of four Bireuen, makes the connoisseur of the meatball is not overwhelmed look. The taste of meatballs that are typical and the broth is a delicious benefit for the meatballs this one.


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Restaurant Information

Bakso Aroma
Bireun Meunasah Capa, Juang City, Bireuen Regency, Aceh, Indonesia

[FOOD] Delicious Bakso Aroma
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Im greatful that Steemit is filled with people that appreciate good food. You should crack open a Weissbier and celebrate a great meal.

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Super delicious!