Kassaba: Turkish Restaurant in Gants Hill, London

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We drove in London over the weekend and were planning to go an Indian Restaurant but ended up eating at a Turkish Restaurant.

The place is conveniently located next to the Gants Hill underground station.


It has indoor and outdoor dining area. Outdoor dining area is covered with thick transparent plastic curtains and is heated. You are allowed to smoke here.

They do not have a proper bar but they do serve alcohol. They have limited range like they do bottled beer of stella, budweiser and corona. That’s it. When I asked the guy if they have whiskey, he said they have cognac and Jack Daniels. Bless him, he doesn’t have a clue about alcohol. But the main thing is they do serve alcohol.


I had a double cognac and my friend had a coke as he does not drink alcohol.

We skipped starters and ordered lamb chops and lamb Adana as mains. Each mains is served with rice, lentils, salad and naan bread which is quite filling. We shared the meat on the mains.

Lamb Adana and chops were succulent, juicy, not overcooked and meat was quite tender. I really felt there should have been more spices in lamb chops as it tasted a bit bland. Lamb adana was perfect though.


I have been to few Turkish restaurants and I find the meat is very well cooked and tasty, however they leave the rice on the place with out a gravy or curry which I find unusual. Ofcourse you could eat rice with sauces which I don’t like.

I forgot to take the picture of Menu. The mains are priced around £15. For two if us with drinks, the bill was £38, which is not bad for a London Restaurant.

I am not sure if I would go again to this restaurant as I would like to try new ones. May be for a drink and starters next time if i happen to visit again.

Have a great day Steemians and Tasteemers.

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Kassaba: Turkish restaurant
Ilford IG2 6JX, UK

Kassaba: Turkish Restaurant in Gants Hill, London
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