Pizzeria Santaniello: Best Pizza in Bedford

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Last week we visited this rather simple looking Italian restaurant.

We ordered garlic pizza for the starters and Calzone antonio and pizza santaneillo for mains.




They have a nice bar and decent collection of spirits, wine and beer. I went for peroni and my colleague for Foster.



The restaurant lacked ambience however has the character. The dough tasted so fresh and I can say it is one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. The service was extra quick and it helped as we were starving.

The prices were very reasonable, each pizza costing around tenner. We had few drinks and the bill was £44 for 2 of us including alcoholic beverages which is excellent.



I would definitely visit this restaurant again for its freshness and authenticity.

Restaurant Information

Pizzeria Santaniello
Newnham St, Bedford MK40 3JR, UK

Pizzeria Santaniello: Best Pizza in Bedford
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As long as the food is great, that's all that matters. I'd rather go there than some fancy place but food is mediocre .

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Pizza with 🍺 ... Nice combo..

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I love pizza and the pizza in the picture looks very good. Good review

Thank you

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Fosters in an Italian? Peroni I can quite understand... I went to Bedford one but ate at McDonalds.. it wasn't memorable.

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