Fresh Baba Ice Cream

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When the summer and drought that hit the region of Aceh and its surroundings, enjoying something fresh and cold is a choice that is very popular with most residents here. I, who is one of the residents who inhabit the Aceh region, also felt the same thing.

To find a place to enjoy fresh and cold food, I chose 'Ice Cream Baba'. Here presents a variety of ice cream in a solid with a variety of foods such as corn ice cream, namely ice cream mixed with boiled corn that has been separated with the pulp.



There is also ice cream toast, which is toast with ice cream with various flavors. And there are many more combinations of food with ice cream as the main menu. Ice cream available here is also available in a variety of flavors, you can order according to your taste or can also order by mixing various flavors.


In addition there are also fresh fruits which are diced and mixed with ice cream. Not only food mixed with ice cream, here are also available foods such as green bean porridge, grits and Mie Caluek.

I highly recommend this place for those of you who cross the Sigli area, the price is also very affordable.

Restaurant Information

Baba Ice Cream
Jl. Lkr. Keuniree, Cot Teungoh, Pidie, Kabupaten Pidie, Aceh, Indonesia

Fresh Baba Ice Cream
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Very nice to try for summer

Yes, it can be an optional dessert.

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Yummy icecream!


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Looks a great place for enjoy dessert. It would be great if you tell us the ambience of the place.

Thanks for your contribution.

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Thank you, next time will be better.

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Hey there @mjroja!
Thanks for your contribution to the realityhubs community. The ice cream looks really interesting. However, I couldn't find your opinion concerning it, and neither could I find your rating. I hope to receive a more informative review from you next time. Thanks

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