Restaurant Tuk Tuk Little Thai

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Welcome back to my weekly selection.
The campus is arranged in a very romantic way. There are flower beds and beside them are loving books. The books are placed in beautiful wooden boxes and beautiful. They are designed in layers and placed on a fixed iron frame, next to the fresh flowers. They are shade lovers shade it. They can live in very low oxy.


The restaurant also adds romance to the room that is wall decoration. It is romantic and innocent. Because the decoration is simple but deep and beautiful because of private space.
The surrounding motifs are extremely important, as it creates the beauty of the restaurant. A shimmering sphere of red color gives it a sparkling sparkle of flowers and bonsai. In addition to the black lines hanging from the rope on the ceiling it was wonderful.


The restaurant offers a variety of fast food and beverages that are reasonably priced. A great restaurant.

Restaurant Information

Tuk Tuk Little Thai | Fast - Food & Drink
Tân Thịnh, Thành phố Thái Nguyên, Thái Nguyên, Vietnam

Restaurant Tuk Tuk Little Thai
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