Sweet Sweet Roasted Plantain Spot For The Walking Street Lovers || Sweeter Than Honey, My Street Food Spot In My Neighborhood

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hello everyone,

i know you must have been waiting for my street food as usual, yes i wanyed it to be as fresh as it is so hot from here. I actually gave everything to see that i have the most recent version of the #streetfood here what so ever.

So, let get back to the street food business and not minding how anyone feels about it but smile i know you will definitely have fun. Today is all about Mama PJ , this woman has been in this particular street business for five years and still counting more years ahead. she happened to be the breadwinner of her family, with her coming to the stree to sell Roasted Plantain her family members will not survive a day. i saw her along the stree so, I walk up to her and i noticed something in her. she is very cool temper woman and she knows what she is doing.

From my left hand side i have the real Sweet Sweet Roasted Plantain which are almsot done and some are already done, ready for consumption straight up. i really love this Sweet Sweet Roasted Plantain because it has different Flavors when eating it . Yes.

I will have to explain something right here to you guys, This is how things are going when the Roasted Plantain are to be laid on the perforated Net. This is the Plantain Waste gotten from the raw be it half ripped plantain or just the matured one looks like.


I took my time to capture the seller , a customer standing next to her and the Plantain waste on the floor.




This Sweet Sweet Roasted Plantain seller can be spotted along OlaOlu Hospital 🏥 along Stella Obasanjo Complex Ilorin.

See you next time!

Original content by me, @mattsanthonyit

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🗓️Date Capture: 26/10/2019. 📸Medium capture: Infinix Note5 Smartphone. 🌍Location: Ilorin.Kwara State. Nigeria. 🕰️Time: 12:30pm⚡Posted with: tasteem.io

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Thank you for visiting my blog.

Restaurant Information

Mama PJ Sweet Sweet Roasted Plantain Spot
Ilorin, Nigeria

Sweet Sweet Roasted Plantain Spot For The Walking Street Lovers || Sweeter Than Honey, My Street Food Spot In My Neighborhood
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I've never eaten these roasted plantains but they look really delicious
Thanks for sharing

Hahahaha. Lol😀. You are really missing alot. It so sweet. Hmmmmmmmm. Yummy Yummy.

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I did not try but now i'll try it

Thanks for your feedback and comment

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Best food