Wa Japanese Cuisine Restaurant.

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Stepping into Wa Japanese Cuisine Restaurant, light pink light radiates to create a gentle and warm atmosphere. The exquisite architecture creates an elegant and elegant restaurant space with bold culture: From the dining table, diners can view the city view, Open space offers an interesting feeling: solemn but very close.

At Wa Japanese restaurant, it is not hard for diners to find bold flavors of cherry blossom country. Each dish is presented in a heartfelt, beautiful, every dish is a wonder of art can be found anywhere else directly chef Okui with 30 years in the profession of choosing suppliers Guaranteed to meet Japanese standards. Not too much fat and fat, Japanese food is well known for health, and Wa Japanese Cuisine is not beyond the principles of that.

Food is an art and the food is also an artist - this is exactly the style of Japanese cuisine. If you and your family want to enjoy Japanese cuisine in the right way, in a delicate and characteristic space in the heart of the capital, come to Wa Japanese Cuisine.

Restaurant Information

Wa Japanese Cuisine Restaurant.
34G Trần Phú, Điện Bàn, Ba Đình, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Wa Japanese Cuisine Restaurant.
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