Brazilian Barbecue Restaurant.

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If you are too familiar with the style of Korean or Japanese style barbecue, then once "challenge" your taste with a Brazilian baked buffet please? Coming to Brail Grilled Foods, diners can enjoy unlimited barbecue and buffets at the table, with full convergence of all grilled dishes such as: Grilled lamb legs, Grilled lamb chops, bacon rolls, bacon rolls, grilled sausages, ... Under the talented chef's hand, the meat is marinated in a perfect recipe, Stir in the skewers and grill on a charcoal stove to keep the flavor.

It is said that when you come to a Churrascaria (barbecue restaurant), you must experience Brazilian "all-you-can-eat" style - Rodizio. And Brazilian BBQ is exactly that. You will see the waiter moving around the restaurant, excitedly introducing the barbecue skewers to rich diners. Brazilians also call them passador - the carrier. In particular, passador will be cutting the meat slices in front of the eyes so you can enjoy the most hot dishes. Besides the barbecue, the party also offers you a variety of fresh salads, seafood nem, fish skin sushi or banana butter beans, ... bring the taste to different levels that you have never felt. see.

FITNESS: Meetings, parties, group meetings, family ...
Grilled lamb leg, grilled lamb leg, bacon roll, grilled ribs, bacon rolls, fresh sausage ...

  • Modern. Youthful.
  • Capacity: 100 guests (02 floors').



Restaurant Information

Buffet Nuong Brazil
24- 26 Nguyễn Trường Tộ, Nguyễn Trung Trực, Ba Đình, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Brazilian Barbecue Restaurant.
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