Don Chicken Restaurant.

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Last week we grouped together to chew chicken, so we would like to go to the restaurant, especially the reception, the enthusiastic staff with customers, in addition to counseling enthusiastically from each other, just like that. eat all other restaurants. In addition, we choose 3 combo dishes with different processed chicken, but each dish has a distinct taste and flavor.

20785861_1684692811571794_9114850165194613874_o (1).jpg
Chicken Cheese includes: A cheese pan, Fruit salad, French fries.
Chicken and cheese are combined, together with delicious, delicious and delicious, fat and delicious, eat is fascinated immediately.
Mix with green leafy vegetables.
Spicy chicken sauce, very delicious, all kinds of malaria in this restaurant is imported 100% from Korea, the quality of the quality of the volume must be impeccable.

The space is very luxurious, airy clean extremely, Restaurant has 3 floors serve a lot of customers a bunch of customers with a very large.
I think eating chicken or cheese chicken crave you should come here is the best. The restaurant is famous for a long time with chicken cheese and flavor with 100% sauce imported from Korea, so the processing of each item is very good quality, really do not disappoint people.


Restaurant Information

Don Chicken
67-69 Cách Mạng Tháng 8, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Don Chicken Restaurant.
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