Good Day Cafe Restaurant - Phan Ke Binh.

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Not only attracted by the menu of Vietnamese dishes, delicious, Good Day Cafe also makes customers delighted by a variety of unique drinks are made sophisticated. Plus, with its small, cozy design, this is an ideal destination for parties, friends and family.

With the desire to bring Sai Gon customers Vietnamese experience in the space filled with novelties, Good Day Cafe has constantly tried and made efforts to build a system of rich and very large menu. The dishes that make up the brand of the restaurant include: Crab shake, fish noodles, Fish fillet with sriracha sauce, Chicken curry, Rice crispy sriracha sauce, Chicken rice sauce sriracha, ... Made with Made by fresh ingredients and talented chefs, Good Day Cafe meals make you not dissatisfied with the broth. Along with that, Good Day Cafe Phan Ke Binh also has many delicious drinks, quality coffee lines, you discover.

Not only famous for delicious food, good quality drinks, Good Day Cafe Phan Ke Binh also scored by a very artistic space. The colorful sofas are all over the small room, the brick walls of the personality highlights the colorful paintings ... all the youthfulness that is also warm here. Besides, Good Day Cafe Phan Ke Binh also has a green courtyard with eye-catching white and delicate table and chairs for guests to experience the lively nature.

FITNESS: Meeting, meeting, parties, group meetings, family.
Coffee, Crab, fish fillet with sriracha, chicken curry, rice with sriracha sauce, chicken rice with sriracha sauce, ...

  • Modern. Capacity: 60 guests (02 floors).
  • Outdoor: Covered.


Restaurant Information

Good Day Cafe Restaurant - Phan Ke Binh.
9A Phan Ke Binh, Dakao Ward, District 1, Đa Kao, Ho Chi Minh, Hồ Chí Minh 700000, Vietnam

Good Day Cafe Restaurant - Phan Ke Binh.
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