Yukssam BBQ - Korean BBQ & Hot Pot.

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Located in the busy market area of O Cho Dua, Yukssam BBQ is one of the delicious restaurants in Hanoi attracting customers with a Korean barbecue buffet right. The Chef at Yukssam is Korean and the restaurant has not many times welcomed Korean celebrities to eat when traveling or working in Hanoi. This is the favorite of Hanoians because of the standard barbecue, from the panchan such as radish, kimchi, salt and pepper are properly mixed to the meat and marinated meat is very smooth. In addition to various types of grilled variety of pork, beef, chicken and seafood, the restaurant also serves traditional Korean dishes such as rice mixed Bulgogi, Tokbokki, cold noodles, rice rolls, .. variety.

The restaurant serves over 200 guests at the same time with 4 spacious floors. Inside is decorated with wooden furniture, wooden partition, with Korean style seats. Every table has a straw smell, so when you eat it will not smoke. Yukssam is a good restaurant in Hanoi and very popular with the people.

According to the owner of Yukssam BBQ, the restaurant is not only a place to enjoy Korean cuisine, but also a destination as a family, so that Korean people working in Hanoi can find as a trip. 'back home'. In addition to other customers, Yukssam BBQ is a place where every guest can come to find out about the culinary culture of South Korea.
Mastering that spirit should not be surprised when Yukssam BBQ actually opens up a space of Korean architecture in the middle of Hanoi. From the table, the chairs, the screens to the motifs, the layout ... are almost perfect reproduction so diners come here first feel like you are walking into a restaurant somewhere between the capital Seoul not in Hanoi anymore.
Beside the space bearing bold Korean culture, the dishes at Yukssam BBQ O Con Dua also conquered diners thanks to the traditional cuisine of Kim Chi. Although there are two types of buffet and order dishes with rich and varied menu, but attractive and inviting most customers still taste the aroma of the barbecue here.


Restaurant Information

Yukssam BBQ
66 Ô Chợ Dừa, Chợ Dừa, Đống Đa, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Yukssam BBQ - Korean BBQ & Hot Pot.
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