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To celebrate the last exam given, especially because I finished my university career with a good 30 cum laude and I deserved it, I decided to have lunch in my favorite restaurant, my absolute favorite in the whole world.

Ca' Cerfogli, this is its name, is a typical mountain restaurant in the mountains of Modena, to get there it takes just that hour and a half by car, but it's absolutely worth it; in addition to divinely eating, the context is also decidedly beautiful and relaxing; is located in a small medieval castle and inside you can really breathe a familiar and welcoming atmosphere, it has always been managed by one family (I believe it has been open for more than 30 years), and, despite being a customer, you are treated like one of the family, they are always attentive to your every need and offer you bitter spirits at the end.

unnamed (3).png

The staff is really nice, although it is always full of people and by full I mean that you have to book months in advance, they always find time for each table, especially as regards the choice of wines from their immense cellar.
The cuisine is typical of the mountains; mushrooms and truffles in abundance, and the quality of the raw materials is really exceptional, because they all come from the neighboring areas and have been carefully selected by the cook; just think that, if the ricotta cheese they use for tortelli is not available (they are supplied only in a dairy in the area), they don't cook tortelli until ricotta cheese is available again. This I call professionalism and passion for own work.

To fully prepare myself for this culinary experience, aware that the portions in this restaurant are anything but meager, I fasted one day to have a completely free stomach! We opted for a trio of first courses that, despite the fast, I struggled to finish, a second a side dish and a bottle of wine.

unnamed (2).png

The trio of first courses included: herb and ricotta stuffed tortelli with mushroom sauce, risotto with porcini mushrooms and egg tagliolini with a truffle cascade.
Although it is all very good, the tortelli of Ca Cerfogli deserve special mention: I have never eaten tortelli so good and soft, the dough is so thin that it melts in the mouth, not to mention the mushroom sauce which is a lust for the taste buds.

unnamed (2).jpg

Risotto with porcini mushrooms is something indescribable; I don't know what they put in it, but I assure you that nowhere else have I tasted such a good risotto.


The egg tagliolini are homemade, in fact you can notice the irregular dimensions of the dough.

unnamed (3).jpg

As a second I decided to stay light; steaked tartare of raw meat with truffle, and as you can see even here they did not skimp on the truffle, and this is an aspect that I really like about this restaurant. Although the black truffle is not as prized as the white one, I have been in many restaurants even in Umbria to eat truffles, and I must say that the quantities I saw at Ca Cerfogli have never seen them anywhere.

unnamed (1).jpg

In conclusion, I really recommend this wonderful restaurant, for anyone passing by these parts or even for Tuscan people who don't mind drive a little, absolutely not regret it. Ca Cerfogli is a guarantee of quality and hospitality and is a gem that everyone should try at least once in their life.

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Restaurant Information

Ca' Cerfogli
Via Monte Grappa, 6, 41025 Acquaria MO, Italy

Ca' Cerfogli, the best mushrooms and truffle experience
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Ciao Mary! Congratulazioni per il tuo ultimo esame, sono anche contento che hai ripreso a postare con costanza e la tua solita qualità 😁 parlando di tartufi, è la mia passione, qua da noi istro veneti è una pietanza che usiamo su tutto praticamente, il tuo post mi ha fatto venire fame, anche se non sta tanto bene coi tartufi, ecco una bella !BEER 😊😊

Ciao Fede, grazie :) Finalmente l'incubo degli esami è finito e spero di avere molto più tempi per dedicarmi a Steemit 💪🏻
Anche qui da noi è zona di tartufi e li mangerei davvero ogni giorno, però questanno mi sto divertendo con i funghi, ne sto trovando tantissimi!!! 🍄🍄🍄🍄

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Ristorante bello e curato, piatti ben presentati e gustosi...
Grazie di aver condiviso questa gemma.

Command accepted!

Grazie! :) questo ristorante é davvero una favola, impossibile descrivere la bontà di quei piatti. Ho mangiato tanti tortelli nella mia vita, ma quelli di Cà Cerfogli sono di un altro pianeta

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Complimenti Mary per la conclusione degli esami. Parlando invece di piatti, grazie della recensione. Mi piacerebbe assaggiare quelle scaglie di tartufo per vedere se sono buoni come dalle mie parti. Lo adoro ed è sublime su ogni pietanza. Ciao.

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Grazie, finalmente ho finito gli esami! Questo ristorante é davvero speciale, oltre al tartufo e i funghi buonissimi, fanno dei tortelli che non esistono da nessun altra parte. Ma anche il risotto, le carni e i dolci sono favolosi. Se hai occasione di passare da queste parti ti consiglio di andarci, l unica pecca é che bisogna prenotare con largo anticipo perché sono sempre pieni (chissà perché... 😋)

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Terrò a mente il consiglio del ristorante, ma ancor di più il fatto della prenotazione. Grazie 😉

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