Mr Noodles Puerto Banus Takeaway - Marbella

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This is a takeaway place in Puerto Banus called Mr.Noodles, although this time I didn't take it home but instead had it there in the establishment. Usually, I call and take their rice wok dish home in a cardboard box, but this time I decided to enjoy my wings and salad there.


Funny thing I noticed when you order in the place to eat there the meals are at least 20% bigger I guess they make them smaller for take away to make back the cost of the takeaway packaging.


For starters, I had some fried chicken wings with sweet chili sauce, it seems simple but the wings are always crispy but juicy and that sweet chili sauce goes so well with them.


And for my main, I had this decent chicken salad, I regretted taking this one, I think I would have preferred their caesar salad, but hey I made my choice and went with it. maybe next time I'll take that caesar salad... or go rogue and take a spicy wok stir fry rice... I always love those.


anyway that was my mr.noodles review I hope you enjoyed it, please follow me @makesushi and also check out my sushi website or my sushi youtube channle

Thank you!

Restaurant Information

Mr. Noodles
Av de Manolete, 14, 29660 Marbella, Málaga, Spain

Mr Noodles Puerto Banus Takeaway - Marbella
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yes noodle boxes and chop sticks


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I know I would be so happy with both of those dishes. The chicken with avocado would really hit the spot!

I want to go and see.

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