The taste and joy of being number one

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It was a hot Saturday afternoon when I went for a walk and ended up feeling the heat so I got an excuse to look for a place for a cool drink. This Taste Of Joy was the nearest food store that came to sight. What's more? There wasn't much diners so I won't wait for long.

I got inside and fixed my eyes on the drinks and desserts options on the overhead menu.
That sago at gulaman seems so thirst quenching. One please...

I got my number 1 and took a seat. There was only one more table occupied. If there is one thing that diners may just pass by this restaurant is the fact that it is open and no airconditioning. In a humid and hot city with regular temperature of 27°C to 30°C like Metro Manila, people will always look for a place to cool down.

That thought about few diners slipped away when my ordered was served. I was surprised with the solid ingredients because most beverages are served with so many ice cubes thus serving as extenders. Customers end up with water. Not with this one.


Sago at gulaman

A local Filipino beverage made of brown sugar, water, gelatin, and tapioca pearls is called Sago at Gulaman. Sago refers to tapioca pearls while gulaman is the Filipino term for gelatin.

The sago and gulaman are more than I expected. With the many ingredients, the serving actually looked like I was served with halo-halo and not sago at gulaman.

When I reduced the content of the glass, I requested for a glass of water to dilute the mix. With the very sweet serving that I can literally taste the brown sugar, the original serving can be diluted into two.

I thought it was funny that I was so full after finishing my refreshing drink, not just with water but witj the many sago and gulaman that were added to the beverage.

Outside of the restaurant were delivery motorcycles. There was one for the restaurant itself and another one for Grab food. Ah, technology and bright business strategies are making people lazy these days. You don't need to cook or even go out to restaurants. All you need is to call in for food delivery.

Few diners arrived as I left the restaurant. While it is not an air-conditioned space, there are still a lot of reasons to dine in here. The main reason that I would consider is the cozy space. It is not crowded that you don't have to elbow yourself around like in quick service restaurants.

Taste of Joy
Jaka Plaza
Doctor A. Santos Avenue
San Antonio Valley 1
Paranaque City
Metro Manila

Restaurant Information

Taste of Joy
Dr Arcadio Santos Ave, Paranaque, Manila, 1709 Metro Manila, Philippines

The taste and joy of being number one
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