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After my window shopping for nothing in particular in a surplus shop one afternoon, I felt the exhaustion and hunger. How could just roaming around be so tiring, yeah?

Well, it is still cool when you around over a surplus and you spot a corner where a wall writing say "Eat.Drink..." Isn't that wonderful?

It was late afternoon so I had my early dinner. After that, I did not yet want to go. Yeah, I got nothing better to do that time so I went back to the counter to see what can be for dessert.

The shelf looked a bit lonely with few options of (mini) cakes and choco bars.

The next shelf seem waiting to be loaded with loaves together with the cup cakes inside.

The first options seem heavy right after early dinner. I moved on in front of the cashier and noticed this cute container on the counter. Why, I did not notice this when I ordered for my dinner. Anyway, I was glad to discover it. Aside from the brownies looking cute and seem just the right size for a dessert, I ordered one and a cup of coffee with cream.


When my order was served, it was served like this to my 1:30, not in front of me. I smiled and looked at the crew who served it. He did not seem to get my stare.

I requested for table napkin and teaspoon. Then guess what? I arranged the stuff in front of me before touching them to eat and drink. Call me lunatic but again, I got nothing better to do that time. Is this the right table arrangement in the first place? 😄


The brownie was good. It was not so sweet and not so bitter as well. Perfect match for the coffee in an early evening. Yes, it was turning late afternoon to an early evening because I was really taking time in the cafê. No rush.

Here was my view while I was nibbling with the brownie. There were not much diners in this place. I guess people were busier with trying to find something from the surplus.

As expected, I left clean a saucer and a cup. Now I wondered what I will do next. Going back roaming in the shop was not an option because I was done with it. Okay then, time to go home.

This is the view from the exit of the shop. Maybe you can try to find the cafě from this point. No? That is what makes the café cool. It is hidden like a gem. If you want to just hang out away from the crowd of a food court, this is a place to go. Just be informed though, their price range is way above the range in food courts. It is almost the same with fine dining price range.

I got oit of the shop, walked across the parking lot to the highway and looked back. This was how the fscility looked like at night. The building alone does not look like a surplus shop. It looks like a warehouse to me I guess that is one of the reasons why they put up stalls in front so passersby would know that they are selling stuff.

Tasty Tucker Wholesome Cafê
HMR Trading Haus
Dr. A. Santos Ave. (formerly Sucat Road)
San Antonio Valley 1
Parañaque City
Metro Manila

Restaurant Information

Tasty Tucker Wholesome Cafê
Dr Arcadio Santos Ave, San Antonio, Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines

Wholesome tucker brownie
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