You can't buy happiness...

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But you can buy pasta and be happy!

It was one of my rare visits to Makati in recent years. After my transaction from H.V. Dela Costa area, I had a walk along Ayala Avenue. I turned right when I came in the corner with V.A. Rufino Street and found myself hungry to see a pizza store.

Greenwich Pizza is an original Filipino pizza and pasta chain which was founded in 1971.

In 1994, Jollibee Foods Corporation acquired 80% of Greenwich shares.[1] Then, in 2006, Jollibee bought out the remaining shares of its partners in Greenwich for PHP384 million, giving rise to a new company known as the Greenwich Pizza Corporation.


Aside from pizza and pasta, they also serve meal sets. Since I was in a pizza and pasta restaurant, I thought I should have one of their specialties. I ordered creamy bacon carbonara and took a seat.

The dining area in this specific branch is wide and cozy since it operates on its own unlike the branches in food courts. It had the luxury to choose from different corners of the restaurant.

The garlic bread that comes with the pasta smelled so good. It was the first that went. Aside from the garlic aroma, it was crunchy that made it more tempting.


What I usually love with carbonara is the white sauce because of its creaminess. This time, I got to also love the crispy bacon not just on the toppings but also the crushed bits and pieces sprinkled over. The grainy bits gave variation of texture to the taste. Certainly, this is something to try. Just drop by when you pass by a Greenwich branch and you will not be disappointed

Greenwich Pizza
Level 1 Rufino Pacific Tower
Ayala Avenue, Corner V.A. Rufino St
Makati City
1223 Metro Manila

Restaurant Information

Greenwich Pizza
Rufino Tower, Ayala Ave, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

You can't buy happiness...
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Your pasta looks yummy! "What I usually love with carbonara is the white sauce because of its creaminess". Me, too! This makes me feel hungry now. ;)

Yap, I am also craving while posting restaurant reviews from before the quarantine. I wonder when I can eat out again. Hopefully soon... 😊

Yeah! I also hope that we can eat out again very soon.... ;)


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