Shabu at Chin's

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No, it's not methampethamine. It's a dish but not even the well-known Japanese hot pot called shabu-shabu. It's just shabu noodles.

I noticed the ad on the side of Chin's counter and I wondered how it is. As I approached the counter, I noticed one of the crew in apron. I had the impression that he was assisting the other diners with what to order as they seem to be having hard time deciding what to eat.

I tried to avoid the crew and went to the right side where his back was. Then these came to view! Shabu is a hot pot but seriously as big as these? I looked at the prices. They are just right for regular servings but cheap for what seem to be good for two to three persons. I guess I will have leftover for takeaway later with the seafood shabu.

When I got my order, the serving size was not so scary after all. The pan was not as full as the ones on display. There is one thing that I notice though. I can find only few slices of squid in the dish. There were more vegetables. I guess this should have been tagged as veggie shabu.

With all due fairness, the broth tasted so good ans blended well with the other ingredients. For the price of P109.00 or around US$ 2.09, it was a perfect soup for cold rainy afternoon.

Food Court
2F SM City Sucat
Doctor Arcadio Santos Avenue
Parañaque City
Metro Manila

Restaurant Information

SM City Sucat, Dr Arcadio Santos Ave, Parañaque, 1700 Metro Manila, Philippines

Shabu at Chin's
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Wow, that looks like the perfect meal to eat now, especially here in Baguio because of the weather. Thanks for sharing this with us and have a great day


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Pinikpikan ladta da best 😂😂

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Wen met ah! 😄

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