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I see this guy and his corn cart from time to time right in front of a 7-11 store. When I buy from him, I just do and go. One time, I thought of having chit chat whilw buying.

I asked if I can take his photos abd he asked why.

"Why else? I will post them on social media!" I said in Tagalog and laughed.

He just smiled so I asked if that is okay. Instead of a yes or no answer, he jokingly responded.

"I might go viral with that ha?" Again, in Tagalog.

"Ah, then you should be glad when that happens! That means I made you popular! So, can I do that?"

He said yes.


He sells white and yellow corns. People call the yellow one as sweet corn.. I wonder why the white is referred to by the color and the sweet is with the taste. Shouldb't that be white and yellow?

I prefer the while variety because it tastes natural with its sweetness. For some reasons, the yellow corn tastes like it was sweetened artificially like cooked with sugar.

When a buyer orders, he would peel the the husk off and put the cob in individual plastic bag. During my first time buying from him, I was surprised when he started peeling the husk off. I thought he would just pack the corn like that in a bag. Sometimes I do not want the corn peeled until I am about to eat it because I feel like the husks keep the freshness. This time, I let him peel them off. I did not want to take home the garbage when I ordered four pieces. And I can reuse the plastic bags.

Aside from putting each cob in a small bags, he would put everything in a bigger one with handle. Too much waste, I thought but kept quiet.

The buyer on the photo was not me. She was the next customer when I went back to take all the photos on this post because I forgot at first. I was already few meters away when I remembered it.

I asked the vendor's name and he said Bryan.

"Okay, so I will your stall 'Bryan's corn cart,'" I said and he laughed.

By the way, I ordered four pieces of while corn. Those were for my afternoon merienda and dinner later that night. Want one

Restaurant Information

Bryan's Corn Cart
Greenheights Village, 1700, Greenheights Village, 11 Greenheights Ave, San Isidro , Sucat, Parañaque, 1700 Metro Manila, Philippines

White or yellow
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Cheers to that!

Yummy! I'm a corn lover. And I prefer white corns, too. The same reason as yours.

Around my area, there is no corn cart like this, I have to buy raw corn and boil them by myself. Thanks so much for sharing. Your post inspires me to buy them for my dinner, too. ;)

It is rare to find raw corns here. Many would prefer cooking them before selling because the price will be much higher. It is like multiplied by five. But yes, I would prefer raw corns if there are available. Aside from the lower price, I can tell earlier than those cooked ones if it is freshly harvested or not.

Oh! The price is too high if "it is multiplied by five". I agree with you, we can easier see if it is freshly harvested or not from the raw corns than the cooked ones. I'm going to buy some for my dinner tomorrow... Thanks again for your inspiration. ;)

I actually like the white corn better then the yellow like you said it taste more natural :)

So Tasteem in back good to see are they on Hive also ?

I have seen a test post of tasteem on hive but nothing more. Since about a month ago, there were several questions on their Discord channel if they are moving and no definite answer until now. I guess it's wait and see...

Thanks for answering that question i suppose yep wait and see...

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Namimis ko kumain ng corn tuyo lupa dito negros kasi walang nakapagtanim