Beer lovers' paradise: Pasteur Street Brewing Co

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Hi Everyone

Today I would love to introduce you all to a warm and friendly place to drink and relax at the center of Ho Chi Minh city (or Saigon as some people still call it). And if you are a beer lover, specially those that have a passion for craft beers, you must come to this place. It’s Pasteur Street Brewing Co.

As you know Vietnam is famous for a vibrant beer drinking culture. And Pasteur Street Brewing Co is one of the first craft breweries that started the craft beer revolution in Vietnam.

Pasteur Street Brewing Co combines American craft brewing techniques with fresh and exotic Vietnamese ingredients to create delicious classic and unique tasting craft beers. There are many unique flavors for you to choose from.

Beside great beers, this place also has so many other great qualities that would make me want to visit it with friends.

The Address & The Location

The Original Saigon Tap Room: 144 Pasteur Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

They are located on one of the main streets at the center of district 1, so everyone including tourist can find it easily. I like this tap room most.

They have 4 more tap rooms in Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi city, you can check the addresses on their website

The Space & The Atmosphere

The bar faces onto the front of the street, but the way to come in is a set of stairs via an alley. It looks nice and is decorated in the local style, making you feel like an explorer that has discovered a hidden gem.



The tap room inside is narrow but quite long. The space is simple but effective. I felt very comfortable and cozy here. The music is not loud so you can enjoy the drink and chit chat with friends after a long working day.


You can sit at a table or sit at the bar. My favourite place is near the big window where you can see the view of the main street. It is quite relaxing and peaceful to watch the rain out of the window or the many people outside going about their day.



The Menu & The Price
The beverage menu is quite interesting with a lot of information. They have many different glass sizes and 12 different tastes of craft beers, start from 2,5 USD each. The price is quite reasonable at the center of district 1.


The food menu also has many choices from snacks, bites, fried chicken to sandwiches and burgers as well as plates to share and desserts. With the wide range of options, you should be able to find most of the things you want to unwind and enjoy your time.


The Beverage & The Food

For my drink I chose the Sampling Flight with 6 different tastes: Jasmine, Watermelon, Passion fruit, Saison, Cyclo, and Dragon fruit. It costs 285,000 VND plus 50,000 VND for Cyclo (charge more for beer above 10% ABV). That’s just about 15 USD.


You should drink the Watermelon beer first as it has a very fresh and pure taste. It refreshes the mind and awakens the taste buds.

My favourite tastes are Passion fruit and Saison. Passion fruit taste is a little sour, but it leaves an aroma of the passion fruit lingering on your tongue. The Saison is complex mix with ginger, lemongrass and Phu Quoc black pepper making it more spicy, I found the combination to work well and was enjoyable.

Cyclo beer is a black beer and the most expensive beer there, but for me it was too strong and had a strong herby taste I couldn’t drink much of it after having few sips.


I ordered their signature chicken, there were 8 pieces of fried chicken with passion fruit fish sauce. The chicken was good enough and the sauce was quite nice.

The Service
The staff were very nice and friendly.
The motorbike park inside the alley is free of charge is a good point as not all bars and restaurants offer that.

Rate: 8/10
It’s a good place to visit to drink craft beers and relax with friends after work or after dining.

Thank you for taking time to read this post, it gives me great joy to be able to share my experiences with you all. If you enjoyed reading this, please upvote, comment on Steemit and bookmark this post on Beer lovers' paradise: Pasteur Street Brewing Co. Much appreciate ! ❤

By: @livvu

Restaurant Information

Pasteur Street Brewing Co
144 Pasteur, Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Beer lovers' paradise: Pasteur Street Brewing Co
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Pretty interesting post and having some great time in a wonderful mood enjoying chilled beer at a lovely place with amazing ambiance. Awesome shots. Cheers!!!


Thank you @cryptofairy ! I'm glad that you like this post. Come here to drink beer and enjoy the relaxing ambiance when you visit Vietnam !

Giá cả cũng ổn không đến nỗi đắt nhưng lúc đầu mình nghĩ. Thích cái câu Liv ghi "a hidden gem"


Hihi cảm ơn @Carl. Chỗ này cũng lý tưởng để relax ha

Very great article a good write up for tasteem! I have heard wonderful things about Vietnam, and it is great to see the culture through great articles like this one.

I have never seen a beer sampler platter! What a great idea, and I do love fruity and citrus beers, I bet the passion fruit would be my favorite. Congrats on the curie, I think that will help you quite a bit for your tasteem ranking!

Is this a place you attend frequently or was this your first time trying it out?

Thank you for sharing the best experiences here on Steem!


Thank you very much @ecoinstant ! Vietnam has so many interesting places and things to discover. I hope I can introduce more to everyone. This was the third time I came here and for sure I will come back soon.


Very cool! So do you travel to other places as well, or is Vietnam your favorite vacation destination?


I travel sometimes and also do review. You can check my last post about my favourite restaurant in Siem Riep

Yaaaa, 2nd one. Hahaha, Chị điệp quá chị ah :(( người đẹp và biaaaa


Lol thanks @lenancie 😘😘

Very good tasteem review! Well deserved the upvotes from @curie and @tasteem! Watermelon beer sounds very interessting :-) Unfortunately the bar is to far away from me, i bet its a must visit location. I Love the idea that you have a menu with different tasting beers.!

Thanks for sharing, and a drop by up from me :-)


Thank you very much @avizor ! Maybe one day you can visit it and try the watermelon beer 🍺😊

A great review! Thanks for sharing.


That's my pleasure to share it with you @karitas !

That is awesome! I had no idea what the craft beer scene is like in Vietnam:) it’s so awesome to see the craft beer revolution sweeping the globe:) I’m really hoping to make it overthere soon:) if you haven’t already checked out the beer scene in Hong Kong I highly recommend it! Keep it up!!:)


Thank you @nomadicdream ! I would love to try it in Hong Kong one day. I'll review more interesting places in Vietnam so hope you will enjoy it and visit Vietnam soon !


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Thank you so much @curie Much appreciate !!

Wow, I love the samplier platter idea. The Cyclo beer looked interesting to me, I just love that super dark color. BTW that's a lot of beer for a samplier, I've done some wine and beer tastings and they use small shot glasses or small wine glasses. Most wine snobs, taste it and then spit it back out then grab some water. It can be funny to watch...
Great post and congrats on the curie votes.