Kei – Korean Food & Coffee Style

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Coming to Kei, besides the traditional delicacies such as kimpap salty seaweed, tokbokki spicy tear tongue with eye-catching reddish orange, Bulgogi beef sauteed celery with pepper flavor, black soy sauce mingled with passion ... you also Enjoying many delicious new dishes, unique but still retain the flavor of Korean food such as crispy crispy crispy cake; Pizza Tok, Raboki with two kinds of spicy and not spicy; Fried fish ball hot for the day to winter.
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Kimchi's Kei's rice is one of the dishes you should try, the rice is put in a beautiful iron box, when brought out also covered with very carefully. The rice is quite plastic, although the fried rice is not dry, there are eggs to eat. The rice in Kei is not as spicy as in Korean Gimbap, the rice has a sweet smell of chili and pepper. Rice served with kimchi, spicy carrot, potatoes and boiled carrot or vegetables.
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Especially, in Kei there is a hot pot for you to roll pants with friends and relatives the upcoming winter. Not only quality assurance, but the unique hot pot decoration, attracted you as soon as the hot pot is brought out. However, Kei hot pot is very spicy, the taste of chili and kimchi are very strong, you can not eat spicy should not be moving.
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After enjoying the delicious food, you also discover the famous patbingsu cup in Korea right at Kei with many flavors combined from watermelon, dragon fruit, mango and red beans; fragrant tea; Mojito and soda cool to dispel hot and spicy taste from the dishes ....

With a rich menu of delicious Korean specialties, Kei - Korean Food & Coffee Style at 38A Cao Ba Quat, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi will always be the gut of many young people.

Restaurant Information

Kei – Korean Food & Coffee Style
Cao Bá Quát, Điện Biên, Ba Đình, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Kei – Korean Food & Coffee Style
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