Keu Xay Sach Restaurant

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If Europe is famous for its expensive meat dishes, Korean food is more familiar with the spicy and red food of kimchi. With the menu of Keu Sach Korean dishes rich, delicious, standard flavor is always the number one choice for those who love kimchi cuisine.

Keu Xay Sach has a unique address at 113, D6 TT Trung Tu, Dong Da, Hanoi with spacious, airy space, designed quite simply with wooden furniture, rustic resin creates a sense of closeness. , especially green color of the restaurant makes the space becomes fresh, cool.

The restaurant is open from 8am to 10pm and there is free parking for you in front of the door. The staff at Keu Xay Sach is still praised with good service attitude, friendly with customers.
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Keu Xay Book with noodles and rice are the main dishes will bring you not only delicious lunch and full stomach, providing enough energy for a long day.

The noodles are mainly Korean noodle such as full black noodles with ramen noodles, rice cakes, fish balls, eggs, cabbage and gochujang chili sauce for flavorful dishes.

Spicy fried noodles are also a great choice for you, including: donuts, pork, broccoli, carrots, onions, bell peppers, jackfruit and gochujang peppers. All ingredients are mixed together, the tongue to tear your tongue just flicked the merit bad note. Noodles here are priced from $ 1.5- $ 2 / outlet.
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About rice dishes at Keu Xay Sach, you can choose chicken rice fried cabbage is very popular with young people or curry rice - one of the favorite rice dishes in Korea with white rice, grilled chicken thigh pieces And the special curry of Korean specialties, spicy spicy, sweet sweet difference the greasy taste of European Western curry. You can also choose Korean traditional rice or fried chicken rice is very good and is priced from $ 1.5 to $ 2/2, which is very cheap compared to many other restaurants.

In addition, at Keu Xay Sach there are many delicious Korean dishes such as tokbokki with many flavors from cheese, fried chicken with cabbage ... prices from $ 1.5 to $ 3 in 1 disk; kimpap with two kinds of fried and usually sliced just for $ 1 normal and $ 1 with fried .... In particular, there are many delicious drinks: matcha bold green tea; Mint flavored drinks like strawberries, blueberries; The delicate fruit tea, purifying the body to help reduce the spicy taste and feeling ..., is quite cheap, only $ 2 / cup, the larger the $ 2.5.

Restaurant Information

Keu Xay Sach Restaurant
Dong Da Lake, Ô Chợ Dừa, Đống Đa, Hanoi, Vietnam

Keu Xay Sach Restaurant
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