Hem Quan Restaurant

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Hem Quan has two floors, with sparkling space in the evening. Inside, the bar is designed in modern style, giving a warm feeling to the food.
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The restaurant also has a lot of good food, famous. The first is the seafood from octopus, crab, squid, fish, ... Spicy crab sauce, spicy sauce, smooth sauce looks nice looking. Crispy fried crispy delicious, mouthed from the first time enjoy, and many other dishes are waiting for customers to enjoy. In addition, only from $ 10 or more, hot pot dishes, such as hot pot hot pot, Thai hot pot, beef hot pot with vinegar, ... will also be available to serve.
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Why not spend a day here to enjoy the taste of these dishes. Come to Hanoi Hem Quan to enjoy these perfection without having to go far.

Restaurant Information

Hem Quan Restaurant
Xã Đàn, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Hem Quan Restaurant
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