Domino’s Pizza

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This is a store that is more like delivery or take-away, so the area is quite small at 738 Kha Van Can, Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City. Although the sidewalk is wide with many parking spaces, but the inside of the restaurant is quite small, only 7 tables, the space is not invested much decoration, characterized by fast food restaurants, peak hours to eat pizza east It is cramped, so you should put cake online or buy cake to bring home to enjoy more convenience.
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Featuring a range of Domino's menu, there are many different types of pizza such as Meat Lovers, Ocean Mania, Seafood, ... you can choose your own taste, size and style of cake at your own pace. Just choose the mix between the two types are different. Come to the store you can not help but try pizza with a thin crust, not completely differentiated with orange sauce and imported cheese to create a different flavor for all types of Domino's Pizza. Another advantage of pizza at Domino is that the cake is made from fresh powder, hand molded so there is absolutely no odor of the powder, the feeling of not eating dry.
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The service here is experienced, gentle talk, enthusiasm, put cake just 15 minutes is there, delivery service is also fast, to the place where the cake is still hot, spongy, with more fever attached. half.
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Based on honest reviews on Domino's Pizza in Thu Duc, you have decided to go to this branch to enjoy the attractive pizza in the last day right?

Restaurant Information

Domino’s Pizza
Thủ Đức, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Domino’s Pizza
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