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The shop is quite small, easy to find because it is right next to the escalator. The first impression when entering is the open and open space, which is difficult to find in other facilities of Chatime in Hanoi.
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Chatime uses two-leaf tea leaves that are carefully cooked and dried. Instead of handmade, Chatime has a system of specialized tea machines to ensure the time, temperature and water standard, give each drop of pure tea, pure aroma, satisfy the customer. the most thorough.
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In the busy season of Hanoi, chatime has a hot milk tea to help you relax and regain spirit with traditional milk tea, jasmine tea, roasted rice milk tea, milk tea and milk tea O Long .
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The main ingredient is tea, Chatime offers a variety of menus with a variety of drinks. From traditional Milk Tea to quality red tea, refreshing Juice to Refreshing Juice, Inspirational Fruit Tea, Oriental Pop Tea to Asian Culture or Fresh Tea.
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Chatime's pudding is imported from Taiwan, has attractive yellow color and sweet aroma of milk. Taro milk tea with pudding is a favorite of many tea drinkers when they come here.

The price is quite high compared to the average but by the separate in the same style of professional service, dynamic Chatime Times City is always the believer of milk tea Ha Thanh trust and love.

Restaurant Information

Chat Time City
Hàng Trống, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Chat Time City
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