Sab-atan Rice - Baguio City

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Whenever you dine at some of the local fastfoods and restaurants here, it is common to see on the menu a meal that has the name of the restaurant on it.

This is said to have been started by one restaurant owner and the rest of the restaurants followed suit, thus, the name of the restaurant plus rice at the end.

Such is the Sab-atan Rice.


Sab-atan Restaurant is located at the Dangwa Terminal behind Baguio Center Mall. This has been one of the local restaurants that is busy. This is beside another restaurant that is busier and more well-known.


We originally intended to at the restaurant beside Sab-atan but the line is long as always since it is a Sunday lunchtime. We then headed to Sab-atan. Although there was no line but it was still packed. Good thing we found us an empty table. Their just enough room to move around but still comfortable.



They have a wide range of food to choose from. From rice meals to noodles, meat and vegetables.

We ordered their Sab-atan Rice. This kind of meal is a set that you can be fulfilled.


It has rice with sunny side egg on top, a slice of chicken and pork and with mixed highland vegetables. This is less than what other restaurants are offering but this version of Sab-atan is of a cheaper price so it is still a great deal.


Even though the place is full to the door and still more were coming in, our meal arrived sooner than I was expecting which was surprising.

The meal is good. The taste and flavor is good. Everything was cooked well and easy to chew and eat.

All in all, it was a good experience.

For now, overall food rating is 4. Service and crew is 5. They are quick and courteous enough. Place is overall 3. It is a bit dark and cramped but still comfortable. Price range is cheap and serving is plenty so I give t a 5.

Sab-atan also offers catering sevices.

Restaurant Information

Sab-atan Restaurant
Rajah Matanda St, Brgy Gen.Luna Street, Baguio, 2600 Benguet, Philippines

Sab-atan Rice - Baguio City
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Thanks for sharing!
Keep up your great work!


Great dish and nice review. The restaurant looks populated. Their dish must be:

  • Delicious and
  • Affordable.

You did not really evaluate any of those. Consider including them in your review. It makes your review more interesting to read. If you do not mind, I want to recommend the following guide to you to help you write and publish an outstanding restaurant review: Trust me, your readers will come thanking you later.


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Sab-atan Rice is cheap and looks good.
Good review :)

The place looks really crowded. 4 stars for the rating is great!

Thanks for your contribution.

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