STEEM Food Tours #71: Pizza Volante Mines View - Baguio City

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I was up early today to see if the City of Baguio really did close one of the main thoroughfares to vehicles.

They did not.

So walked I did until reaching Mines View. Along the way there were no open restaurants that I like.

This branch of Volante or Pizza Volante is located across the horse riding area in Mines View Park.




This is one of the best places to eat overall in terms of quality, price and quantity.

Here at this branch, they have parking lot. They have indoor and outdoor seating. Because it is across the horse park, you can smell the smell of horses.

This is next to another pizza parlor but I would prefer it here.

This area is one of the cooler areas but the staff warmly greets you with a smile and seves you well. I ordered waffles and coffee at first but the crew recommended there combo of the same which saves me money. That for me is going beyond what your job requires. This girl loves her job.

I checked their breakfast meals again and went for the breakfast starter and ordered apple pie. I have a strong urge to order for their Choco Vanilla Affair, a dessert I like a lot, but decided against it.


This is a big breakfast that I wanted but not for today. I was expecting a light one so I ordered the apple pie. I didn't know it was this much. I have been dining here but this is my first time to try this.

This consist of banana waffles, two sunny side up eggs, and embutido. These are the choices I made. You can opt for bacon, sausage or ham instead of embutido. Instead of waffles, you can choose from rice or garlic bread. For eggs, it is either scrambled or fried. For drinks, you can choose from coffee, hot chocolate, ice tea or lemonade.

It was a delicious and satisfying meal. The waffles are compact. The eggs are runny the way I want it. The embotido is tasty. The coffee is strong. There was no free refill for the coffee though.


This apple pie had chunks of apples in it with thin crust. This pie is not too sweet. It ia nice to pair it with the coffee.

All in all, it was a fulfilling breakfast. I ate like a king.

The place is well lit and has a pleasant atmosphere. Nothing to complain about the staff and food. They don't have free wifi. Credit cards and cash are accepted here.

Great way to start your day.


Volante is located at Mines View Park right across where the horses are and right next to Shakey's. They have branches at Session Road (which is what I tagged in the location) and also at Camp john Hay.

Restaurant Information

Pizza Volante
Session Theatre Bld, Session Rd, Baguio, Benguet, Philippines

STEEM Food Tours #71: Pizza Volante Mines View - Baguio City
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eggs omlat my favorite


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I like the breakfast you chose to eat.

Indeed. I had no regrets 😁

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Me too. I had no regrets 😁

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