Been Some Time Manhattan Fish Market

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I was not really a fan of Manhattan Fish Market, perhaps because of its pricing. However, this time here with @enjiliew changed my view as they started to push out simply amazing sauces with Tar Tar Sauce as its base. There were lime mixed sauce, BBQ mixed sauce, Spicy Grapefruit mixed sauce, Curry mixed sauce and so on. My personal favourite was the lime and spicy grapefruit which gives a very decent combination with the fish & chips. In addition, they provided us with extra chips which we could indulge in the sauce they have, free flow!

Fish and literally lots of chips!

Local Malay Style for Red Snapper

The waitress will just leave the fish on this paper, we were like what were we supposed to do with this?

You needa try all these sauce and identify your favourite before going in bulk :P

We ordered two kinds of dish with one of them is the well known classical fish & chip while the other one is the local style red snapper fish. Both of them were well cooked and I loved the portion, not too much and just nice. The sky juice was also free flow with some lemon and mint mixed with the water. Loved that. They also had this paper that you get from the kiosk and lay it on the table for you to enjoy the fish and cheaps. Brilliant idea to minimize the washing procedure and get customers to have more interaction. Well, I think I had not been to this restaurant for more than a year and this time leave me with a good experience which will prompt me to go back next time. Awesome!

Restaurant Information

The Manhattan Fish Market
LG-047, City Mall IOI, Ioi Resort, 43000 Putrajaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Been Some Time Manhattan Fish Market
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