My First Kopitiam Experience in Sri Petaling

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This is the typical kopitiam with different stalls serving a variety of local fused street food under one roof. As a local, I love to visit these kind of kopitiam and search for authentic street food whereby it is more affordable and have the good taste that I always searching for.

So when you sat down, usually the waiter or waitress will greet you and ask whether you want to order a drink. That will be a typical way of how Malaysia's kopitiam goes. So @enjiliew and I went for cold Chinese Tea (cheapest drink in the chart) and also herbal tea) both costed us RM2.70, an expensive herbal tea.

She decided to go for pork meehun soup

As for me, I go for this Thai style Paprik rice.

The story continued after we orderd drinks, we walked around to identify what we want to order and get the order from the respective stalls and inform them where do we sit. This is a relatively small place, so there's no need for any numbering. But I do found out that the Ojian, local fried oyster guy forget who ordered that plate. So I just called him out when he was wondering around the area we were sitting.

Her meehun soup came first and it was not bad, very generous with the food material.

Then came my chicken paprik

Lastly, my ojian (fried oyster with eggs). One of my favourite local street dish and I was satisfied with this plate as the taste and texture was at that quality I expected and not too oily.

We enjoyed our dinner and came back home with a satisfied tummy. It was quite a cooling weather, so we sat at the road side to enjoy the street food.

Restaurant Information

Soon Foong Kopitiam
107, Jalan 2/149j, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My First Kopitiam Experience in Sri Petaling
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Long long time no go this hawkers stall already

Haha quite far from ur place right 😂 not bad the food here.

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Gugu jiao liao

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Ya lo 😂 late dinner. No good for my tummy. Not feeling that well this morning.

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