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When its scorching hot day, the first thing that ran through my cute head is to have very cold and sweet dessert. ABC OR the local call it Ais Batu Campur aka Shaved Ice is on top of my list. Is a popular dessert loved by Malaysian made from Ice (of course) mixed with sweetened colourful jello, grass jello, peanuts, red beans, cendols, sweet corns and drizzled with sweet palm sugar syruo, evaporated milk and sweetended and condensed milk.

Some varieties will have ice cream on top or if you choose to have a healthy version cubed fresh fruits is added like bananas, watermelon, manggoes, papaya, jack fruit, soursop and even DURIAN..

Maybe its my hormonal functions last week before I flew to Kuching, I am craving for sweet ABC.

I always go for the hawker stall in a parking lot outside Tuan Fuad Stephens Park Bukit Padang. It has been my favourite place to have ABC apart from Tanjung Aru First Beach.


Variety of Shaved Ice or ABC


The famous taufu fa or soft taufu with gula melaka syrup

The stall has been operating for so long. I remember my first time coming here to have ABC is when I was in my primary school.

Just look for Ah Yap Abc. Its so easy to spot as customers were queuing up non stop for his ABC.

Today I ordered ABC with Attap seeds. Taste so yummy as the translucent white almost jelly like attap seed really a match made in ABC heaven. One should try this before ordering the next round of ABC like me.


yummy ABC with buah attaps


My second bowl of ABC just because I must have two bowls. 😋

So if you ever go for a jog or walk at Taman Tun Fuad Stephens make sure you came and try Uncle Ah Yap ABC. I give it 👍👍👍👍👍.

Restaurant Information

Ah Yap ABC
Taman Tun Fuad Stephen, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

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I love ABC too, but I can only have it moderately as it always gave me a Brain Freeze. LOL.

During hot days teda brain freeze hihihi

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ABC looked really tasty! So convenient, after exercise, can go dessert.

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