Hyeong Tea

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Hi Tasteem-er!
With Cheap and Fabulous title, I want to introduce it is Hyeong Tea. I often call milk tea of handsome boy.

It's Black Sugar Pearl milk tea. I buy it 1$. =)))
Milk tea is made by fresh milk. I drink it without worry.

Hot dog and mix spicy noodles

You can eat some dishes as: Spicy noodles (1.5$) and Korea mix noodles 🍝. Hot dogs 🌭 is 0.5$.

Eating a piece of fried potato, a piece of barbecue with spicy noodles 🌶 🍝 when you are hungry. It is a really great feeling.

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The main color of the restaurant is yellow. Yellow decorative lanterns are the highlight because of the coming to Moon Festival.

Opened in the yard of Duong Vuong electronic supermarket in the evening makes it more spacious and cooler. I feel comfortable and airy while watching noisy street, chatting with my friends.

Rate: 7/10.


Address: Quynh Thien ward, Hoang Mai district, Nghe An province

Time: 17.00pm-22.30pm

Cuisine: Fastfood and milk tea

Feature: Seating and Takeout

By: #kemxinhgai - @kemice

Restaurant Information

Hoàng Mai, Nghe An, Vietnam

Hyeong Tea
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