CQ Restaurant & Cafe review - tea, sandwiches and archery lessons

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Last review from my recent holiday and this place kind of became our go-to evening joint for tea and snacks on all days we were in Leh city, so obvious contender for weekly choice.

The place looked nice and city like from outside with many surprises inside. The wooden exterior is typical to ladkah, as you'll find this in many shops, hotels and houses.


The interior was very colourful and vibrant, instantly lifting one's spirits. There were board games and a guitar to while away time sipping warm drinks and eating food. The kitchen is visible from where you sit and looked clean. The view from next to the window was spectacular though, something very common to the whole area.

The menu was a simple 2 page menu, simple and great for a cafe.


We ordered tea, lassi, flavoured milk, scrambled eggs, and cheese and butter toasts.

While butter toast is nothing unique, i can't describe how good it feels to consume warm toast and sweet tea in chilly weather. it's heavenly.





Tea was very well brewed, toasts had nice amount of butter and cheese and scrambled eggs were also nice. After a long conversation about the trip and the day and enjoying a simple yet indulgent meal, we stepped to the lower floor for a unique experience in life - archery.


While the poses make us look like pros, we were all quite abysmal at it, missing the board by a decent margin, lol. Anyway, it was quite a thing to give a new sport a try.

I'll give the place, experience and food, all 5 stars. As you've probably concluded, this is a must visit place as even city cafes fail to provide such comfort. All they can give is free WiFi which comes nowhere close to the views and

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CQ Restaurant and Cafe

CQ Restaurant & Cafe review - tea, sandwiches and archery lessons
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I really love those views and I understand the adventurous fun. I am also looking for place I can see such views, as everywhere around me are filled with buildings.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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Looks like outside view is amazing...

Looks very cosy and nice inside. The place must be so remote

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