Mid-way restaurant and it's vegetarian thukpa reviewa

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On our second day in leh, we headed to khardung-la, the highest motorable road in the world at approx. 18000 ft above sea level. spending more than 10 minutes there would have been disastrous for us so we left that place to move to diksit monastery.

On our way to diksit monastery, we stopped at mid-way restaurant for lunch.

The place was located in Kharding, Nubra. It didn't look fancy from the outside but the views were spectacular.



Being there, weather slightly chilly and with views like that, I was already hoping to eat some hot noodle soup.

The menu was a simple 2 page menu.


In ordered a vegetarian thukpa, my wife cheese maggi noodles and my other 2 friends just plain maggi noodles.

Thukpa, as shown in the main pic, is a tibetan dish, a noodle soup. My hometown had a large tibetan population and therefore I've grown up eating this delicious dish. The siup is brothy, a less sour version of tom yum. usually the noodles are plain noodles and one can add chicken and veggies in the broth.

Maggi noodles, well, it is an indian university student's mac n cheese. It's available in every Indian home and is the go to noodles for any one in India looking to satiate their hunger quickly.


The food was good. The service was quick. maggi noodles are impossible to fuck up.

The thukpa i had was a bit different as in the soup was a bit more curry like. however, it did make for a nice bowl of noodle soup. it did make me nostalgic and did provide the much needed warmth my tummy needed.

the price was on the cheaper end.

I'll give 3.5 on 5 for the food and 4 on 5 for the place.

Restaurant Information

Mid-way restaurant
Khardong 194101

Mid-way restaurant and it's vegetarian thukpa reviewa
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Thank you for your contribution, I have always loved noodle meals.

I just learned about a new type of noodles in this review, I'll definitely make an attempt at preparing this type of noodles.
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It's very similar to pho, or noodle soup with clear broth. Although mine were like laksa, but for coconut milk

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Wow, what a spectacular view!

Views were brilliant wherever we went

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A spectacular view + tasty food = Good review
Thanks for sharing

Wow, What a view.. I wouldn't mind staying there after eating. Thanks for sharing this with us