Review of bon appetit - nice cozy place in the heart of Leh cozy

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Our culinary adventure in Leh took us to another mesmerizing place on our second last day of the holiday, a place called bon appetit.

The place was quite a walk in a side alley making us think many a times that we were lost but once we reached, true to it's French name, it felt like i was in a small French town once i reached the place. After walking on a cobbled path, we reached bon appetit.



The restaurant had a beautiful decor - wooden furniture and a bookshelf and was full of foreign tourists raising my hopes about the food.


let's take a look at the menu first.








We ordered honey chillie potatoes and bruchetta for starters. for mains, we got two pizzas - chicken barbeque and sundried tomato/olives and a coriander pesto spaghetti.

Now, I realise we didn't order any tech food and the name doesn't match the menu at all, or well our choice of food didn't.





For drinks, we all got a wheat beer called six fields, which we were told is from jammu, a north indian province in the state of jammu and kasmir, also the state where ladhak is located. However, it turned out to be a german beer.



now for the review. The food overall was good. Positives, were the presentation, taste, freshness, and variety.

there were negatives such as bread used for bruchetta was normal loaf bread, the pasta had 0 salt and basil is easy to grow in this part of the world so the choice of coriander was surprising.

the beer had orange zest and coriander seeds in it so the crispiness with mild citrusy flavour was very refreshing.

The dessert option was limited to 2 and that was disappointing. we could have enjoyed some nice desset after such a large and nice meal.

I'll give the place a 4.5. prices are reasonable. good is really good and tastes as authentic as it can in a remote location like Leh. After the meal you can walk just outside the restaurant and play with the owner's pet and also enjoy nice views of the city. if you plan to enjoy a romantic dinner while travelling, this place not only gives you privacy to talk, but also great food and ample opportunity and ambience of nice after dinner conversations

must visit place of you ever visit leh.

Restaurant Information

Bon Appetit
Karzu Rd, Leh, Jammu and Kashmir 194101

Review of bon appetit - nice cozy place in the heart of Leh cozy
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Yum. The pizzas look so cheesy!

Thanks for your sharing restauran review. Look forward for your next review.

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Hey there @karamyog!
This place looks real interesting and merely reading the name, I already feel like being there. However, I have a few suggestions for you. Firstly, it isn't right to use i when referring to yourself. It's proper to write the capital letter I. Also, it is confusing when you say I'll give the place a 4.5. I advice you write out a more understandable sentence like On a scale of 1-10, I rate this place 4.5.

That being said, I appreciate your effort to contribute to the realityhubs community. Thanks.

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Thanks, will keep that in mind. I actually post from tasteem interface, which doesn't capitalize letters and writing a review from mobile makes it tougher to capitalise relevant bits. I just saw your message, may have repeated the same thing in other reviews. Will take care of it.

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That pizza got me hungry. Thanks for sharing this with us