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Ciğerci Ulaş is the restaurant that i visited last week when i went to Adana for a few days. Actually i have heard about there many times but i had no chance to visit there before. Finally I went there and this restaurant seized a place to be in my Tasteem blog !


Firstly I need to say that on most of Adana's restaurants there is not menu. You see in the cover image is Lahmacun + Fried Liver you wrap fried liver with Lahmacun and double the flavor!

Normally i'm on keto diet but after 40 days i deserved a cheat day and I used my chance at Adana ! and ofc with kebab :)

Adana Kebab: 24 TL
Ciğer Şiş: 24 TL
Beyti Kebab: 36 TL

There are many kebabs but these 3 are my favorite ones.


Restaurant Information

Ciğerci Ulaş
Güzelyalı Mh., Turgut Özal Blv. Akçeli 1. Apt D:74, 01170 Seyhan/Çukurova/Adana, Turkey

Ciğerci Ulaş | @Adana
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