My Weekly Choice " Olive Garden Italian Restaurant"

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Hi Everyone...Today I like to show everyone my weekly choice at "Olive garden Italian Restaurant!"

Olive garden italian restaurant one of my favorite restaurant we like to go Olive garden often ...fresh bread stick and unlimited soup or fresh salad

My frist dish is chicken pamasan with spahetti tomato sauce

My favorite dish is chicken marsala with mash potato... mashroom with marsala wine sauce so delicious and creamy mash potato


The menu many many choices "just choose your favorite dish

Olive Garden lunch menu prices starting at $6.99


We always order ours favorite dishes...Now olive garden for early dinner deal had an $8.99 special

We went there before having a lot of customers...Interior decoration with dark wood tables and chair, very nice and clean,
View ouside of restaurant the clouds after can tell many cars parking..geting busy


I recommend "Olive Garden Italian Restaurant" Good Food, great service, and good price!!!

Thank you for review my post....enjoy your food and be happyyyy!!! @julee

Restaurant Information

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
205 E Merritt Island Causeway, Merritt Island, FL 32952, USA

My Weekly Choice " Olive Garden Italian Restaurant"
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They do look delicious! Ohhhhh great description review and very tempting food. I wish I was there. But I'm glad I stopped by and visited your post. 👍


Thank you for stoping by...I recommend to try it :-)

Now I'm hungry!!! ;)


Let's go to olive garden :-) are you maria?


Hi julie! Thanks for remembering me. Much behind regarding Steemit but otherwise I'm all right. Hope you are good too.
Take care. ☺♥

Great menu with photos, lovely place :D
It looks filling


Thank you for visiting my post ....i like to go olive garden italian restaurant


I bet you go there often!

I went to an olive garden place before. It was very tastey.