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Hello itinerants all over the world and steem community! In today's content I am bringing you to one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in Cebu. We used to have Language Exchange meet ups here with the members of Cebu Language Exchange community.

The restaurant is owned by my fellow CLE member and a friend who is Go Morita san. He started the business by selling the famous tonkatsu sandwiches in a sidewalk somewhere in IT Park. From his humble beginnings of being a sidewalk vendor he's able to build and establish his restaurant which is very famous now for locals and tourists mainly from Japan.


Go Morita is very hands on with his business and people keep on coming back (count me in) because of his excellent service and authentically made Japanese dishes. Together with me are my fellow Language Exchange members.


Go Go cafe serves mouth watering Japanese cuisines with affordable prices. It also serves variety of refreshments like coffee, local and japanese teas, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The place is also very spacious which probably can accommodate to more than twenty people. You can also make use of the space outside since it has available tables and chairs where we normally hold our Cebu Language Exchange activities.



As far as I remember this Tonkatsu Ramen with egg only costs no more than three dollars. If I am incorrect please do give a comment below.


It is situated at JDN Square Ground Floor P. Remedio St. Banilad Mandaue City, Cebu. It's pretty difficult to find since it's few minutes away from the roadside and the building where it is located is not visible from the highway. I suggest to please make use of your google map for the direction upon alighting off the jeepney.

That's basically it, Do you guys have any idea about it? Please share it on the comment section below and let's have the conversation going!


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Restaurant Information

Go Go Cafe
JDN Square, Ground Floor, P.Remedio St, Mandaue City, 6014 Cebu, Philippines

Go Go Cafe Japanese Restaurant
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When I see smiling people in a bar, I always think the bar is good. Good review.

That's true. It means customers are satisfied.

Ramen ramen. Most people's favourite. ==)

True. My comfort food. Which type of ramen do you like the most?

Its nice of you to share this location. The foods looks amazing.

No problem. Thank you for appreciating my friend :)

That ramen just looks sooooo goood!!!

Yes. It's also delicious. Japanese ramens are known to be healthier than other ramens.