$2 Ramen at RaiRai-Ken Robinson Fuente Blog Review

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Went here because they offer affordable value of food that will satisfy your money including drinks. Great budget of the day plus you eat healthy, what can you ask for?!

Rai Rai Ken Restaurant serves Japanese food. I bought Tantan men with veges, beef, the broth is really good with a spicy flavour.

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The place is simple but comfortable. They also offer other menu but it's too expensive for me.

Rai Rai Ken is located in the Ground floor of Robinson Fuente near the food court.

If you are on the go for ramen and wants to have a good one, then this place is ideal for you. Cheap and great value of money.

Restaurant Information

Rai Rai Ken
Robinsons Fuente Building, Fuente Osmeña Cir, St Cruz, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

$2 Ramen at RaiRai-Ken Robinson Fuente Blog Review
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